Currently June

It is the beginning of June and that means joining up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently.

She is also collecting donations for the Wimberley Animal Adoption and Rescue. I'm sure you have heard about the devastation caused by crazy flooding in Texas. Being a Texan myself (living in New Mexico), I was very tuned into the storms COVERING THE ENTIRE STATE for days. These storms caused incredible floods in many areas.

Wimberley is about the size of the town I grew up in South Texas so my heart strings were pulled when I saw Farley's donation call.

Now on to the Currently:

Listening: My hubby is at work. My two girls are in their rooms doing their thing. 
The oldest (15) is finishing a tie-dyed shirt she been working on this week. It is precious. 

My youngest (10.....finally in her words) is cleaning her room and listening to Kidz Bop on Pandora. She's been cleaning all week and that's okay because it's summer!

Loving: My friend (and former colleague....she is moving to Fort Worth to teach 1st grade....Her new school is so lucky to have her, they have noooo idea!!) came over for lunch and to visit about just about everything. We talked about school stuff, teaching, kids, and life. So much fun. 

Thinking: We are headed to Texas in about 2 weeks and I can't wait to see everyone. We get to see both sides when we're there. Laughing, reminiscing, loving, and correcting the stories my brother has embellished over the years! 

Wanting: Our 1st grade team met right after school was out to work on our long range plan document. I have made the changes to the plan and am wanting to begin planning for my year. A little each day will keep my sane when the new year begins. 

Needing: My girls and I need to do a little shopping for the trip. Ready for some additional summer garb and beach attire. 

Summer Lovin: Happy about the slower pace of each day. Happy about being able to relax. Happy about heading to the beach later this month! 

Hope you have a fantastic June and fantastic summer!


  1. So jealous of your summer already started! Enjoy the slower pace of life!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

    1. I am trying to savor each moment of each day. I hate it when the vacation goes by too fast!

  2. I found your blog through "Currently" It is cute and I have been looking around it! I am still working....11 more days! One is awards day and one is field day. I will be sad when it is over b/c my job is temporary. Enjoy your summer and the fun trip!

    1. Once your school year is over, I'm sending you good vibes in finding a permanent position. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Wow! I can't believe you are so far ahead in planning! I am so jealous! I usually get back in planning mode right after Fourth of July. I am also a teacher in NM, I teach 2nd grade. Great blog :). Stop on by sometime

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Where in NM? I know there are a few others that I have found. They have had a bloggy meet up but I have missed them. Maybe we could get something together this summer!
      Thanks for visiting!!


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