Five for Friday!

Monday was the last day of Spring Break for the kids but we had professional development at school. 
We had a representative from True Colors come in and help us find our colors as a faculty. It was great!
I'm a Gold, Blue, Green, Orange kind of gal. 
When I got home, I immediately did the assessment on my husband and girls. 
Husband - Green, Blue, Orange, Gold,
14 year old - Gold, Blue, Orange, Green 
8 year old - Blue, Orange, Green, Gold

Began our Charlotte's Web unit this week. They love our read aloud time and can't wait for more. 
One of the resources I'm using is from Abby at The Inspired Apple  at TPT. 

It All Started with a Pig! {Charlotte's Web}

The other resource is from Amanda at One Extra Degree.
Charlotte's Web Literacy Bundle!

Worked on our science fair project this week. We want to know what ants like to eat best. 

These were the choices we decided upon to test.
AND we voted to see what our class hypothesis would be -- We think the ants will like the cookie best because of all the sugar. 

Took everything out to the school garden and placed next to a red ant hill. You can only see the apple and turkey in the picture.
What else is missing?
ANTS......Yikees.....We are testing again on Monday in a different location in hopes we attract the black ants that attack every goldfish dropped on the ground.  
Science Fair Project - Ants

 My calendar pages for April. Busy...Busy...Busy

So proud of my oldest girl. She's 14 and loves to bake. She loves it so much that she started her own blog!
Those are some yummy egg yolk painted sugar cookies she made last weekend!


  1. I like the science project! Very cool!

    1. Thanks for visiting Ms. Perry. I just hope we have some ants. If not, we will definitely experience what many scientist experience everyday. It is all about the process!

  2. My 13 year old loves to cook too! How cute that your daughter started a blog! I love it!

    1. I decided to jump into the blogging world during winter break and she decided to do the same thing. She wanted me to "show" her how to do it. I suggested we learn together. Just jump in with both feet which is not like us at all!


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