"April Currently" with Farley

Wow!  April is here and in my first grade classroom that means.....Science and Engineering Fair, Charlotte's Web, and our overnight Fenton Trip. 
Woo Hoo!   
My first grade lovelies are beside themselves with excitement and so am I!!!

1. Listening: Spring in New Mexico is very, very, very.....VERY windy. When I first moved here I left an asparagus fern outside for one day. 
Now, I moved here from Austin, Texas and was used to the humidity. My fern was too....when I returned the entire thing was brown. I could have sworn the wind blue all the green out!!!

2. Loving: I drink coffee in the morning and after dinner.  I love the smell of GOOD coffee morning, noon, and night!  

3. Thinking: Our grade level (4 classrooms) teach a Charlotte's Web unit which ends with a grade level play in May. It is a first grade tradition! My own girls were in it and always reminisce about it fondly!

4. Wanting: I love my sleep and hate to part with it. 5:00 comes early!

5. Needing: In addition to making my grumpy, the wind blows sand EVERYWHERE.
Like on my lipstick. When I had long hair, the wind would blow my hair in my mouth and it would stick to my lipstick!  Double Grrrrr. 

6. Those are my hours; kids are there 8:30-3:30. My last official day is May 22 after 5th grade commencement. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great April!


  1. Charlotte's Web is one of my favorites! It would be so much fun to do a play....I bet it is adorable!!!

    PAWSitively Teaching.

  2. Hello Stephanie,
    I'm surprised that it is so windy in New Mexico during this season. Your official last day is quickly approaching. Enjoy the time off.

    P.S. Not sure how long you lived in NM but our new Superintendent is coming from Austin.

  3. I remember going to visit my hubby's aunt in Carlsbad. We got stuck in a dust storm! Your Charlotte's Web unit sounds fun. What a great way to end the year which for you is coming up real soon! Have a great evening!

    Antoinette :)
    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

  4. I am over all this wind too! My allergies are in super freak mode. What is with NM and spring? Why can't we just get April showers like everyone else? Did I read that you take your class on an overnight field trip to Fenton? Wow, that's so cool! My grandma's cabin is near that area.

    1. Hi Suzy!
      Yes, we head to Fenton soon to learn about forest habitats. It is a favorite trip for all the kiddos in school


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