Five for Friday(on Monday)

This is the third week I have tried to join this linky at Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Like everyone else I know, Friday evening and weekend comes and goes and I feel like it is too late to join. Well, better late than never!!

Here we go! 

Finally some snow!  Fresh snow makes everything look clean and bright. 
It was 27 degress but felt like 14 degree. 
After school, my toes were on fire.
Didn't wear the correct shoes - loafers/flats with dress socks.
My socks were wet!

Look at these precious self portraits my kiddos sculpted in art! We have a 6 day rotation and my class gets to art 1 day out of the rotation for 1 hr 15 minutes. They love it and I do too. I told them they couldn't take them home because I wanted to keep them all!  They took them home that afternoon. Our art teacher is incredible and does some fantastic projects with them.

We started studying continents this week. I began by reading Amy's Travels to give the kiddos an overview. As I read interesting facts about each continent, I wrote them on a continent map I have displayed in the classroom.

I purchased Learning the Continents from Hannah Burns at TPT. 
We began with South America. I read about the people and land of South America.
We watched a short video from Discovery Learning about South America's culture.

We had our Winter Concert on Friday for 3-5 grade. My youngest is in 3rd grade. Here she is!

Sooooo excited about my new blog design by Christi Fultz at Design by Christi!  


  1. I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

    1. Thanks Amy! I hope we can get together sometime soon!


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