100th Day of School!

Tuesday was our 100th day of school and the kiddos were happy, happy, HAPPY!

Everyone cheered when we traded in the ones for a ten and the tens for a hundred during calendar meeting!

Right after that we jumped up and did 10 jumping jacks. Later we competed 10 squats. Throughout the day we worked in 8 more sets of 10 exercises!

We estimated how many times we could clap our hands or hop up and down in 100 seconds and then counted the actual number.

I also had the kiddos complete a precious craft showing how they will look when they are 100. I've seen this all over Pinterest.

I had them tear small pieces of construction paper for their skin and then they added eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.

They look fantastic!
AND their writing is coming along.

I laughed when I read what one little gal wrote....."I will make art with my grandchildren and we will connect a piece of writing to it...."  

At the end of the day I brought in 100 pancakes complete with syrup! We dicussed and discussed how to divide them equally among 18 children. In the end, each kiddo had 5 1/2 pancakes with 1 left over. I chose not to divide that pancake into 18 small pieces. 

I was exhausted at the end of the day and the kiddos were too! The next day I received the sweetest pop up heart from one of my kiddos as a thank you for the 100th day!  Love them.

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