Number Scrolls

This has been such a big hit in my classroom!

My own children created these in first grade, and I have kept them all these years!

What are number scrolls?
A number scroll is a wonderful way for children to practice writing their numbers, place value, and recognizing patterns. They also practice saying the number names aloud without "and" in the middle of the larger numbers.

Everyone starts with a blank hundreds chart and begins in the upper-left square with 1. They continue to fill across the row filling in one number per square to 10.

They'll continue filling until they get to 100. Then it is on to the next sheet to fill in to 200.

As the children are filling in the blank hundreds chart, they are taking notice of patterns in numbers and how certain places repeat.

You can see from this sweetheart that he knows the ones place repeats all the way down in each column. He did notice he made a mistake early on and is now working to correct it.
Can you see the mistake?

This firstie sees the hundreds place repeating and has continued this pattern with each column. She has also filled in the multiples of tens in the last column. Notice the erased numbers in the last column. She knows it goes to another number but is waiting to fill it in last!

This last picture shows another firstie filling in each column separately. As she fills in each number, she counts to herself….604, 614, 624….very quietly.

This sweetie is showing off his scroll because he is getting ready to start the 1,600s. The firstie with the longest number scroll is on her 2,700s! 

How are they put together?
You will need a paper towel tube, tape, and the scroll sheets. The first sheet is taped to the paper towel tube. Each subsequent page is taped below the other. On the example above, the page at the top is the first sheet and the page closest to us is the latest sheet he completed.

We'll keep working on these for the next couple of weeks and then they will get to take them home.

I created a freebie for you to download if you would like to give number scrolls a try in your classroom.

Just click the picture below!

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