Sunday Scoop

Sundays can be wonderful or they can be stressful. I try to make them as relaxing and stress free as I possibly can make them. 

Today ends my Spring Break, and I am suffering from either a cold or allergies.

It is not good ending a vacation not feeling 100%. 

I am lining up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop. 

3 Things I HAVE to do:
Plan:  I love this part of my Sunday. We have Science Fair for the lower school this week. My class and I will be finishing up our volcano project on Tuesday. We have learned a ton about volcanoes and want to know if they effect the rivers and stream as the base when they erupt. You can find us in the sandbox on Tuesday morning working to answer our question.

Write a simple proposal: I've decided to offer a First Grade Jumpstart Week next fall. Any first grader, current or new, would be able to come to my classroom from 9-12 the week before school starts next year. It would give them the opportunity to see their new surroundings, meet new friends, check out all the first grade classrooms, and practice some basic skills before the work of school begins. (There, my proposal is done! Ha!). My head of school has given me permission but I told him I would write up an official proposal. 

Finish laundry: I have one more load of towels left and I'm done. Everything else is put away! Hooray!
I start my new cycle tomorrow. A load a day keeps the chaos away!

2 Things I HOPE to do:
Math Posters: I have been working all year on a math vocabulary poster set for my classroom. I have just a couple more to add and then it is complete. I hope to have them in my TPT store soon. 

Early bedtime: I did take a nap (3 hours!!!!!) after I took some Benadryl. BUT, my mom was visiting during Spring Break and we stayed up too late each night visiting. Time to get some good old fashion sleep. 

1 Thing I'm HAPPY to do:
Buddy: My friend texted over the weekend and I haven't been able to get back to her. After this I am giving her a call to visit. I just love our talks!

Here's to a fabulous week for you!

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