Engage and motivate your students with Quizlet Live!

I started using Quizlet when I returned to teaching 4th grade this year. I use it for just about everything...spelling, social studies, science, and math.

Quizlet is online and provides study sets for just about everything. When you sign up for a free account you can create your own study sets or use the search bar to find study sets for just about any topic you need. There is also a paid account that allows you to have a few more features like adding pictures to your study sets.

I created the set below for my students to use to study the states and capitals of the Northeast region. Even though I put the link to these on my class website and on Google Classroom I still had kiddos not taking advantage and studying before the quiz.

Then I read about Quizlet Live.

I knew it would be a great way to provide another way the children could practice the material while honing their collaboration skills.

Quizlet Live is so easy to manage and fun to play.

First, each child will need some sort of device...iPads, tablet, Chromebooks, Laptops, phones, etc. I don't have an iPad for each child (I wish I did), so I checked out our iPad cart. Then, I logged in to Quizlet, chose a study set, and clicked on the Live button.

The next screen includes the link for the students to access -- quizlet.live -- as well as the the "join code." Once the kids enter the join code, they enter their first name and wait. You need at least 6 children to join the game in order to play.

After all the children have entered their names and I have clicked the create game button, the screen below pops up. Quizlet will create random teams or let you choose the teams. I actually have 19 children but one was absent this day.

The children's screens look like this.

The kids find their teammates and get ready to work together to answer the questions. 

Quizlet Live gives the answer and the students have to find the question that matches on one (not all) of the devices in the group. Below, the Hedgehogs below are looking for the state that is abbreviated NE. 

Here, the Bears are waiting for their next answer. 

As shown below, while the teams are playing, I have projected my computer screen for all the kids to see. The Lynxes and the Hedgehogs answered a question incorrectly, which took them all the way back to zero. The first group to 12 wins and the game play stops.

You can then choose to play with the same teams, change up teams, or change to a different study set. The game time varies. I've had games take between 3 to 5 minutes. It really depends on how much they've studied and how well they know the material.

The class, as a whole, did much better on their Midwest region assessment, and are begging to play Quizlet Live with everything! 

Have you used Quizlet Live? I would love to hear how it worked in your classroom!

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